RA/HB/HR Number

Title of Law/Bill/Resolution 
RA 10643 Graphic Health Warning Law
RA 10653 Higher (P82,000) tax- exemption cap on 13th month pay and Christmas Bonuses
RA 10668 Amendment to the Cabotage Law
RA 10693 Microfinance NGOs Act
Title of Law/Bill/Resolution 
HB 277 (Substituted by HB 5217) Micro-Enterprise Development Institutions
HB 278 Creation and Organization of Credit Surety Fund Cooperatives
HB 280 (Substituted by HB 4179) Agrarian and Agricultural Loan Condonation
HB 281 (Substituted by HB 3981) Mandatory Appointment of Cooperatives Officers in LGUs
HB 2860 (Substituted by HB 5087) Bill prohibiting the sale of toys containing Phthalates
HB 3411 (Substituted by HB 5785) Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) Act of 2013
Title of Law/Bill/Resolution 
HB No. 276 (Consolidated with similar bills) Strengthening the Cooperative Development Authority
HB 278 (For Committee Report Preparation) Creation and Organization of Credit Surety Fund Cooperatives
HB 282 (For Committee Report Preparation) Coop Representation in the Board of the Landbank of the Philippines
HB No. 283 (Substituted by HB 4113) CSO Participation in Budget Deliberations
HB No. 1996 (Referred to Committee on Appropriations) NGO Participation in Local Legislative Process
HB No. 2797 Creation of the Philippine Transportation and Safety Board (PTSB)
HB No. 2946 Electronic Access to Information Act
HB No. 3226 (Substituted by HB 5024) Bill amending the PCIC Charter to require 80-100% Crop Insurance Payment to Farmers
HB 4296 Act Mandating Completion of Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) Component of the “Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law”
HB 5113 (Referred to Comm On Appropriations and Ways and Means) People’s Fund Act of 2014
HR No. 75 Inquiry in aid of legislation to review the status of Hijo Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative
Title of Law/Bill/Resolution 
HB 279 Election of sectoral representatives in local legislative bodies
HB No. 284 Creation of the Cooperative Banking Act of 2013
HB No. 1331 Promotion of Social Enterprises to Alleviate Poverty, Establishing for the Purpose the Poverty Reduction Through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Program
HB No. 2791 Amending the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 to Strengthen and Secure the Rights of Urban Poor Against Evictions and/or Demolitions and to Provide Adequate Housing
HB No. 1994 Bill amending the Labor Code to compel the extractive industries to provide preferential employment to residents of communities whose natural wealth are exploited and utilized
HB No. 1995 Amending the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997 to put limit on the term of SUC Presidents
HB No. 1997 An Act Institutionalizing the Job Matching Activities of the Government and the Private Sector
HB No. 2193 An Act Amending Republic Act No. 8178 to Provide for a Subsidy for the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation
HB No. 2194 An Act Amending Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code
HB No. 2195 An Act to Evaluate and Create Skills Certification Programs
HB No. 2196 Abolition of Community Tax Certificates
HB No. 2197 Philippine Food Sanitation Safety Act of 2013
HB No. 2622 Enhanced Collateral Value of Farmlands Act
HB No. 2794 Cellphone Subscriber Protection Act of 2013
HB No. 2795 Educational Equipment And Technology Clearinghouse Act
HB No. 2796 Clean Coastal Environment and Public Health Act
HB No. 2861 Green Energy for Homes and Buildings Act
HB No. 2862 Green House Gas Emission Atmospheric Removal Act
HB No. 2944 Toxic Packaging Prevention Act
HB No. 2945 Pre-disaster Hazard Mitigation Enhancement Program Act
HB No. 3406 Creation of the National Literacy Institute
HB No. 3407 Youth Investment in Environmental Education Act
HB No. 3408 Industrial Energy Efficiency Research and Development Act
HB No. 3410 National Flood Research and Education Act
HB No. 3450 Providing Alternative Transportation for Inebriated Customers of Alcohol-Serving Establishments
HB No. 3451 Philippine Independent Film Incentives Act of 2013
HB No. 3849 Abolition of the Irrigation Service Fees imposed by the National Irrigation Administration on Farmers
HB 4983 Amending the Charter of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office
HB 5349 Renaming of Panlayaan Technical Vocational School as Salvador H. Escudero III School of Arts and Trades (SHESAT)
HR No. 141 Inquiry in aid of legislation to review the status of Hijo Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative
HR No. 540 Extending Financial Subsidy to Farmers Affected by Typhoon Yolanda
HR 1480 Extending the period of utilization of Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund for another five years or up to 2020
HR 1491 Inquiry in aid of legislation on the current financial stature of SRT Tandag Agri-Fishery Multi-Purpose Cooperative and other cooperatives similary situated and the interventions and rehabilitation efforts of Quedancor
HR 1666 Investigate in aid of legislation on the alleged investment scam perpetrated by Grand Alliance of Business Leaders Association Inc. (SLMC-GABAI) the marketing arm of South Luzon Multi-purpose Cooperative
HR 2320 Resolution directing the House Committee on Cooperatives Development to conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, on the scope, validity and applicability of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in issuing Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 12-2-12 dated March 12, 2012
HR 2508 Resolution directing the Committee on Food Security and Committee on Agriculture and Food jointly, to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the financial capability of the National Food Authority to purchase damaged palay of farmers at government support price in areas affected by typhoon Lando declared as under State of Calamity