Consolidated HB 276 – Strengthening the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)

Harmonization of the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008 with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Charter Amendment became the priority of Coop-NATCCO’s legislative agenda. The bill seeks to improve the organizational structure, tasks and functions of CDA in order to serve cooperatives with utmost competence, excellence and integrity.

HB 278 – CSF Coop and Credit Surety Fund Act.

This bill proposes for the creation and organization of a special cooperative, the CSF, specifically to build up the capabilities of members in the areas of credit evaluation, loan, risk management and good governance. It can broaden their access to the credit facilities of banks and sustain continuous flow of credit in the countryside.

HB 281 – Mandatory appointment of cooperative officers in every Local Government Unit

Since Coop-NATCCO advocates for the full support from the government to tackle the concerns of cooperatives, a mandatory plantilla government position is what this bill is proposing.


Our Party representatives also addressed the predicaments faced by marginalized farmers by introducing measures that aim to lessen their burden as they suffer recurrent losses due to natural calamities. Some of these measures are the following:

HB 280 - Agrarian and Agricultural Credit Condonation

This bill seeks to promote comprehensive rural development and agrarian reform by condoning farmers, fisherfolks and agrarian reform beneficiaries of their unpaid interests, penalties and surcharges on their existing loans obtained through government lending programs and their eventual restructuring.

HB 3849 –Abolition of Irrigation Service Fees imposed on Farmers

Irrigation is a key factor in increasing agricultural productivity, funding it will go a long way in ensuring adequate food supply while helping farmers recover from losses due to calamities.

HB 3226 –Amending the PCIC Charter

This bill seeks to amend the PCIC Charter to require a payment between 80-100% of the actual value of the projected harvest of our farmers.


The Party representatives were also instrumental in the Department of Budget and Management’s approval to allocate an additional P4.32B, in the 2015 budget for the full implementation of NBC 461 and to fill up the unfilled positions in SUCs. NBC 461 is a circular issued jointly by the DBM and CHED in 1998 prescribing the standards for evaluating the performance of faculty members of state universities and colleges and for assigning them to their appropriate academic ranks.